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Adventures & Retreats

We create, we host and collaborate - you can even hire me for your own

Where you can find us

From creating our own wild and free retreats and adventures to collaborating with others to help host and provide experiences that last a lift time - Check out our options below to see what works for you.


Arise Wild Adventures.

Whether you're looking to relax & restore for a long weekend, re-wild back into nature or even explore your adventurous side; we have retreats for all, come take a look.


Event & Retreat Collabs.

We love nothing more than to collaborate with others that align with our values. Check out where we'll be hosting and teaching this year by clicking here.


Hire me.

So you want to plan a retreat of your own, or you have an event coming up and you need to hire a host, yoga teacher or a sound bath facilitator? Find out more here.

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