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Arise Wild Adventures & Retreats

Nature immersed adventures fit for the soul

Welcome Wild Ones

Whether you are looking to relax & restore for a long weekend, re-wild back into nature or even explore your adventurous side; we have retreats for all.


Explore with us

Snowdon | Hike & Yoga

Come and join us for a weekend nestled in the mountains amongst the wilderness. Nature in its finest form. We will explore the trails of the land by day and relax and restore in the evening with a flow specially designed to relieve those tired legs. Let’s Re-wild and connect back with nature!

Image by Katherine Hanlon
Restore | Relax & Flow

Relax and restore with this rejuvenating retreat fit for the soul. With nature, relaxation and the wild outdoors as our playground, you will have the opportunity to unravel the mind and allow the body to rest, finding your balance and peace within. A more chilled retreat for those in need of a bit of luxery

Revive | Create & Flow

Revisit your creative side or try something new at one of our Yoga & Art retreats, filled with mindful movement, meditation, therapeutic sounds and time in nature  - all accompanied by an Art Workshop and some other surprises along the way. Click below to find out more.

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